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Hadramout International

for Trading

Hadramout International Trading Company is considered one of the companies that want to import heavy equipment to the country, especially construction and agricultural equipment, in order to provide the local market with high quality equipment at competitive prices, and one of the most important of these companies: Caterpillar, Volvo, Parkins, Olympiana, and etc.

Our Depertments

What we offer


We import a variety of products ranging from generators to agricultural machinery from across the world and have proven history in international shipping & logistics.


We export a variety of products ranging from varieties of fish and coffee to different markets across the MENA region.

General Trading

We also supply ceramic tiles, bathroom units and accessories as well suppling plumbing and electrical goods to the local Yemeni market.

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About us

Our Mission

To becomes Hadramout International Trading Company the ideal partner in all sectors in which we work.

Our Vision

A commercial investment to built our country.